Teen Topics

teen topics

At Hope’s Place we realize that teenagers face difficult issues. Teen Topics is a safe place to discuss difficult issues such as: body image, bullying, internet exploitation, drugs, alcohol, peer pressure, human trafficking, dating violence and other topics that teenagers face. Teen Topics is presented by a licensed mental health counselor and provides support, prevention education, and fun activities to help teens face these challenges. All teen girls from ages 13-18 are welcome and do not need to be a client of Hope’s Place. Contact Deana or Nikki at 606-325-4737 to register.



Our Mission


Hope’s Place is a victim-focused, children’s advocacy center that provides a safe atmosphere, lessens trauma and promotes healing by maximizing services through a multi-disciplinary team approach for child victims of sexual abuse. Hope’s Place actively seeks to reduce the occurrence of sexual abuse and heighten awareness through prevention education.

We exist to heal child victims of sexual abuse!

What is a Children’s Advocacy Center?

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A Children’s Advocacy Center typically has a multi-disciplinary team of medical and mental health personnel, child protective services, prosecutors, and law enforcement officers who work together to bring the investigation to a successful conclusion. The Center is a child-friendly place where child victims and families can receive needed services such as parent support groups, counseling, and crisis intervention. Trained personnel are available to work with families traumatized by child abuse and can also help bridge the gap between social services and the Criminal Justice System. Children’s Advocacy Centers have proven to be effective and successful in meeting needs of children and families who have experienced sexual abuse. Hope’s Place is a Children’s Advocacy Center.