Diversity Blast: Deaf and Hard of Hearing Survivors of Abuse

Hope’s Place strives to provide services to ALL victims of abuse. It is constantly important to us to have knowledge and insight about traditionally under-served populations. Every week we provide to our staff a “Diversity Blast” with information relevant to treating those typically under-served populations. This weekly training/ tip is provided in an effort to keep an on-going conversation about kids who may be referred that have special needs. Our staff is trained about various issues and encouraged to have an open-mind about conducting services in a sensitive way to treat ALL kids affected by sexual abuse. Unfortunately, our experience has taught us that children who are “different” because of race, ethnicity, physical or mental disability are those who are most at risk for being sexually abused. These kids matter to us.

Today’s DIVERSITY BLAST is dedicated to working with SURVIVORS of abuse who are also Deaf and/ or Hard of Hearing (HOH). We are still actively seeking local interpreters to contract for in person translation services, so if you know of anyone, please pass along their contact information to Hope’s Place at 606-325-4737 or via email at diversitydirector@hopesplace.org. If you have a personal connection and can make an introduction, I would love to talk with you!

The link below is a quick Youtube video that has some GREAT tips for considering how to provide services to the Deaf and HOH population – which actually prefer to be known as a part of a culture, as opposed to being identified as having a disability. Educate yourself – this video is only 8 minutes. More resources to follow in the coming blog posts!

Serving Deaf Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence


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